LEGO Headgear

When it comes to the LEGO World, there is an assortment of different headgear options out there which can really help to give your minifigures their own style and character. For example, regal characters may benefit from the Arabian Headdress, or the LEGO Top Hat. Other characters, however, may prefer to dress themselves more covertly – by using things like the Dark Green Hood Cowl to hide their identities!

There is a plethora of different pieces of LEGO Headgear available. Whether you’re looking to create a crew of would-be pirates, want a solo Sheriff to protect your LEGO Town, or just want some construction workers to build that next big project, there is a piece of headgear to help you create the minifigure you want. Even better – all these pieces are official accessories which have either been taken from official LEGO sets, or pulled from the Collectable Minifigure Packs that they originally debuted in.

With so many different options to choose from, what’s not to love?

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