LEGO Legends of Chima Headgear

With the powerful CHI Orbs hanging in the balance, you control who wins and who loses in the land of Chima. Will you build your own LEGEND to join the Legends of Chima, or will you build a character who is far more evil and cunning? Well, with our great assortment of LEGO Legends of Chima Headgear, you can choose from several great pieces which can help you to complete your favourite characters!

Need more evil Crocodile Warriors to join the ranks of Cragger, Crawley and Crokenburg? We have several great Crocodile headpieces you can choose from allowing you to add to the evil ranks. Or, alternatively, you could choose to build up your Lion warriors fending off the evil crocodiles to once again restore peace and balance to the land of Chima.

With our great assortment of Legends of Chima Headgear, you have the power to build your own armies and decide who will win, once and for all!

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