LEGO Ninjago Headgear

In the world of Ninjago your headgear can make or break you – masking your identity from evil monsters and villains who would do you harm! Luckily, we’ve stocked a great assortment, with elements from both The LEGO Ninjago Movie and the more traditional Ninjago sets meaning you have full control over what pieces you want from which line.

Looking for a head wrap to mask your identity as you sneak into a hostile camp? We’ve got different colours and styles meaning you can create the characters you want to make! Looking to build up the forces of Garmadon from The LEGO Ninjago Movie? We’ve got several of the great scuba-armour style pieces, meaning you can build an army of enemy forces to storm into the world of Ninjago and fight our valiant heroes!

If you’re a Ninjago fan you will adore the great assortment of pieces we have in stock, so don’t miss out! Order your favourite pieces today – before they disappear back into the shadows!

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