LEGO Star Wars Headgear

Dive into a galaxy far, far away with our exciting assortment of official LEGO Star Wars Headgear, which has been parted out from authentic LEGO minifigures.

We’ve got something for everyone. Clone Trooper helmets in both Phase I and Phase II Variants to help you build a grand Army of the Republic. Rebel Pilot helmets to help you create the perfect minifigures to fly your spaceships. We even have an assortment of rarer helmets – such as the Dual Molded Shadowtrooper helmet, and Pre Vizsla’s Trident Helmet from the Clone Wars.

With such a great selection, you’re bound to find the parts you want to create your very own character from this fantastic universe. And, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, we even have a plethora of additional attachments from helmets with pin holes – allowing you to mount extra elements to them to create unique looks. Plus, if that isn’t enough, we always have our custom offerings available too – allowing you to refine your perfect Minifigure!

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