LEGO Super Heroes Headgear

When it comes to creating a superhero, the right choice of headgear is important! Not only does it help set your identity – and tell the people of LEGO City that you’re on their side – but it helps to provide all kinds of protection from potential injuries that power-blasts and super smacks can bring! Luckily, we’ve collated an assortment of great headgear pieces in one place so you can prepare your superheroes for their latest mission!

Looking for funky helmets which will enable you to take the battle into the orbit above LEGO City? We’ve got you covered! In need of a super-sleek, top-secret cowl to help mask your superhero’s alter-ego? We’ve got a great assortment of pieces for you to choose from! We even have elements like hoods and Iron Man helmets so you can make up your own variants of your favourite characters.

Dive into our great assortment and choose the right headpiece for your next super-charged adventure today!

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