Friends LEGO Minifigure Torsos

Do you ever find yourself building a minifigure which needs something a little bit more personalised to really make it pop? Perhaps you’ve got the perfect minifigure likeness down to an art, but there is still a little something missing? Well, the answer might be one of our Engraved LEGO Torsos – complete with high-quality prints which are sharp, clear and will never fade!

We have different styles set up for different occasions – allowing you to ensure that your minifigure is the perfect gift for an occasion. Whether celebrating a birthday with our ‘Building Since’ torso, or wishing someone the best in their new job with our ‘Good Luck’ torso, it is safe to say that there is something here for everyone – and all can be uniquely engraved to add a personal touch to your minifigures.

Dive into our selection of custom engraved torso, and create the perfect gift for the perfect occasion today!

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