LEGO Star Wars Droid Parts

Droids are one of the best parts of any futuristic Sci-Fi world. They take the dual and menial everyday tasks of life, and allow our minifigures to relax whilst they work away automatically to complete their assigned tasks. However, in the world of LEGO Star Wars, these assigned tasks can often be deadly posing a threat to any nimble Jedi or Clone Trooper!

We have an assortment of different LEGO Star Wars Droid Parts on sale for you to create your own droids. Whether you want to create your own Battle Droid Commando, or a Super Battle Droid with a heavy cannon arm, there are plenty of options to choose from. Clone Wars fans are particularly in luck as we also have the parts to make the Commando Droids first introduced in the hit television show.

Find the parts you want, and then visit out Minifigure Molded Heads section to complete your minifigure, and add the latest autonomous warrior to your collection!

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