Minifigure City Torsos

The world of LEGO City is filled with trend-setters and fashionistas, with some of the latest and greatest torsos populating the city streets! Now, we have an assortment of great torsos for you to choose from – allowing you to add new and unique characters to the streets of your very own LEGO City!

We have great pieces for every situation. Looking to start your very own Arctic Exploration? We have some great torsos to equip your adventurers for their endeavours! Alternatively, do you need some new Police Officers to patrol the streets of your LEGO City? We have some great torsos from some of the most unique LEGO City Police lines to release up until this point!

Whatever you’re looking for, these great torsos can breathe some new life into your LEGO City. Build your own characters and tell your own stories with these great torsos from LEGO City today!

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