Minifigure Custom Design Heads

We all love to build our own LEGO minifigures – and it is easy to argue that the heads of our minifigures are what give them their real character! Whether you want a character to look angry, spooky, or just plain cool, it is apparent that a minifigure head is an important part of getting a look which looks just right! However, LEGO don’t always offer the parts that we all want – and that is where our selection of Custom Design Minifigure Heads come in!

Whether you’re looking for minifigure heads decked out in tactical balaclavas, or creepy, decrepit Zombie heads, we have an assortment of great custom-printed minfigure heads for you to choose from. We even have some unique Deadpool heads in the mix, so you can add even more character to the ever popular merc with a mouth!

With so much variety, there is bound to be the perfect head for your next minifigure. Check out our great assortment and pick up your favourites today!

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