Minifigure Galaxy Squad Torsos

When it comes to exploring the Galaxy, there are lots of things to consider, including making sure that your minifigures are outfitted with the appropriate equipment to head out and explore successfully. Now, with our great assortment of torsos from the popular Galaxy Squad line, we can help you to ensure that your minifigures are prepared for their next great adventure into the outdoors.

We’ve got several different colour variants from the different squads who form the bulk of the galaxy squad, so you can take control of your characters and their own unique colour schemes. Plus, if you want to make a colour which we don’t have, you can pop the minifigure’s arms off and replace them with other colours – allowing you to create your very own Galaxy Squad.

Prepare your squad for the ultimate adventure as you explore the boundaries of the LEGO Universe with your very own Galaxy Squad characters as you create them!

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