Minifigure Harry Potter Torsos

There’s a Harry Potter Torso for every occasion in this section! Give your Harry Potter is one of the most beloved book and film series of all times – with fans showing a timeless love for this whole-encompassing franchise. Now, thanks to a renewal in the LEGO Harry Potter line, we have an assortment of great torsos from both the old and new lines which you can purchase!

Looking for more students to fill out your Hogwarts grounds? Now you can pick-up some of the pieces to make that possible! Or, are you looking to build a more complete Quidditch team? You can do that too with the great assortment of parts which are available on offer here too. And, if none of this catches your attention, why not check out some of the great unique pieces available? There is everything from great suited torsos to wonderfully ornate robes and everything in-between!

Check out some of the great Harry Potter torsos which you can choose from today. Build your own Fantastical World of Magic and Adventure today!

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