Minifigure Legends of Chima Heads

Looking to build a figure full of mystery and fantasy? Then look no further than our great assortment of incredibly unique minifigure heads from the world of Chima! These are some of the most intricately-detailed minifigure heads which LEGO have ever produced, coming in all different colours. If you’re looking for something unique, then there is going to be something which will peak your interest here.

Look and choose from some of the unique characters we have in this uniquely cartoon style. We have everything from Eagles, Gorillas, Ice Bears and Crocodiles – all with incredibly vivid styles and colour choices! If you want something which will stand out on a shelf and will really catch the attention of your friends and family, then these minifigure heads are the perfect choices for you.

Look today, and get your own characters ready for the fight of their lives as you build your very own Legends of Chima!

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