Minifigure Male Hair

When it comes to minifigures, we often tell them apart by the type of hair they have. Our business figs might have short, slicked hair, whilst our wizards and our warriors may have longer hair which flows in the breeze of battle! Whatever type of hair you want for your minifigures, we have an assortment of Minifigure Male Hair pieces designed to help you get that ideal look.

We have common pieces and styles – such as the ‘Choppy’, the ‘Short Tousled’ and the ‘Swept Back’, all quite common pieces which many LEGO fans will be familiar with. But, then we have more unique pieces, like Mohawks, and even the Boxy hair of President Business! We’ve also even got some custom hair pieces to give you even more opportunities to make your perfect minifigure.

Find the perfect hair piece and get your minifigure looking exactly how you want it to. Explore our selection of Male Minifigure Hair pieces today!

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