Minifigure Monster Fighters Torsos

We hear there are monsters lose in LEGO City – and there is only one team of intrepid adventurers with the skills and the know-how to stop them! Unfortunately, they appear to have been disassembled – so it is going to take a hero to bring a new team of Monster Fighters together to battle evil and save the day!

With our great assortment of Monster Fighters Torsos, you can build your very own characters to join the likes of Ann Lee and Jack McHammer in taking the battle to the evil Lord Vampyre! Or, alternatively, you may wish to help the evil Lord build his dark hordes, with a great assortment of different monster pieces for you to choose from. Build your own Zombies, or create your very own creepy sea monsters.

With our great Monster Fighters torsos, you can build your own stories, and can help the team battle for the Moon Stones. Will you build heroes or villains? The choice is yours…

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