Minifigure Other Heads

Not every minifigure is going to have a normal face with a normal facial expression. Some of your minifigures are going to want to be a little bit more interesting than that. Equally, some of your minifigures might not have any expression at all – especially if you are creating a statue or a unique character for your display. With our great selection of Other Minifigure Heads, you can choose from the best (and some would say weirdest) minifigure heads to add to your next custom minifigure!

Looking for a blank headpiece for a statue or character? We have several in different colours. Equally, if you’re looking for some of your favourite masked superheroes, it is likely we have them too – with everyone from Captain America to Spiderman! And that is not even touching upon some of the funkier heads we have – like Frankenstein’s Monster!

If you’re looking for something a little bit weird and wonderful to finish that latest minifigure, you’ll find it here!

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