Minifigure Skirt and Tail Legs

Looking for more regal robes which allow your minifigures to pull off the finest skirts and dresses within the LEGO world? Or, are you looking for some of the more unique elements LEGO have made – like some of the great tail pieces which have come in Collectable Minifigure Series figures in the past? Whatever you’re looking for, we have some great unique pieces to allow you to complete your dream minifigures.

Some of our great printed skirt pieces allow you to add some unique character and flare to your minifigures. We have everything from dark green skirts, to Egyptian stylized pieces and more. We also have some unique elements – like Ariel’s mermaid lower half, or swirling rock pieces which can be used to make an awesome-looking Sandman minifigure.

Whatever you are looking for, we have an assortment of weird, rare and unusual pieces which will allow you to create a minifigure which really stands out. Look, and build your dream minifigure today!

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