Minifigure The Simpsons Heads

If you’re looking for your next adventure into the world of Springfield, our great assortment of Minifigure Heads from The Simpsons line might provide you with the opportunity to do just that! These are some of the most uniquely sculpted and detailed minifigure heads that LEGO have ever released – with their own unique style and proportions to match the beautifully cartoonist animation of the show!

Choose from your favourite characters – including Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and more! Then, instead of picking up their own outfits, why not create your own, with the vast array of different minifigure parts we have available on our website? These characters have seen several different iterations over the years – and now it’s your chance to add some of them to the minifigure world!

Pick up some of these incredibly unique minifigure heads today, and build your very own Simpsons LEGO Minfigures. The town of Springfield is waiting for you!

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