Minifigure Yellow Male Heads with Glasses

Looking to create a male minifigure which reflects the classic LEGO yellow colour and has some trendy glasses to set the latest and greatest fashion in all of LEGO City? We have some great minifigure heads for you to choose from!

We have a great selection of minifigure heads for you to choose from. Looking for a sleek but trendy head to complete the latest businessman minifigure to join your city? We have the piece for you. Looking for a more tactical pair of shades, complete with bandana and microphone, perfect for special Agent work? We have the piece to complete your secret agent collection!

No matter what you are looking for, we have some great pieces available in this assortment. Look, and delve deep into the vast assortment of parts on offer. You might find something which you never knew existed, and you may also just find the perfect piece to complete your latest LEGO minifigure!

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