BrickWarriors Weapons

When it comes to historical accessories which are bound to send your minifigures back in time, few other companies come close than BrickWarriors and their amazing stock of unique accessories. Packed full of crisp, unique details, these are sure to be some of the coolest (and most dangerous!) weapons which your LEGO minifigures will ever wield.

Looking for a sword for your Roman Legionaries? The Gladius Sword is the perfect choice for a soldier from the roman age! Need to cast a spell on some bad guys? The Magic Wand is the perfect accessory to cast spells and get up to all sorts of mischief and sorcery! With a vast assortment of swords, staffs, traps and other accessories, you are bound to find a weapon your minifigures can use amongst this great assortment!

Choose from our great assortment and build your very own Brick Warriors today! They will be ready for whatever challenge you build for them next.

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