Minifigure Lightsabers

The Lightsaber is a more civilised weapon from a time when Minifigures exploring the galaxy would have bowed down to the might of the mysterious order known as the Jedi. Now, in a galaxy locked in a vicious war, the Lightsaber is a weapon leading the battle. Noble Jedi Knights attempt to maintain peace with their brightly coloured weapons, whilst evil Sith use their red blades to plunder leaving the galaxy on the edge of a war which will change it forever.

Now, you can choose your very own Minifigure Lightsabers as you prepare a new generation of Minifigures for intergalactic adventures. Will you choose a Purple Blade, like the wise but brash Mace Windu? Or will you choose a more insidious crossed blade like the evil Kylo Ren? Our assortment of Custom and LEGO Minifigure lightsaber blades and hilts are sure to give you everything you need to complete your dream LEGO Star Wars Minifigure.

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