SI-DAN Weapons

In the LEGO World, every now and then minifigures will need access to an assortment of different and varied weapons which can allow them to protect themselves without causing permanent harm to people. Luckily, our friends at SI-Dan have come to aid of trouble minifigures producing a great assortment of both lethal and non-lethal weapons which your minifigures can utilise.

If your LEGO Police officers need a non-lethal alternative, then why not outfit them with the latest batons to take down criminals? Or, why not outfit your SWAT team with the C.B.Q Battering Ram allowing them to get the drop on unsuspecting criminals so they can bring them swiftly into custody? With everything from swords, to knives and tactical entry devices, there is a great assortment of weapons for you to choose from.

What are you waiting for? Outfit your minifigures with the best weapons they can find, and prepare them to defend themselves against whatever comes their way!

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