Custom Design Minifigure John Brick
Custom Design Minifigure John Brick
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Custom Design Minifigure - John Brick - Inspired by everyones favourite assassin John Wick

One of the most feared assassins in the underworld, John Brick is a Minifigure not to be taken lightly.
Even though he is retired, if you do wrong by him, you can be sure you won’t be around to regret it. This is especially true of his classic car and puppy. Whatever the deal, just make sure you’re nowhere near the stationery drawer. 


- A BRICKARMS combat pistol for taking control of those unfortunate situations.

- A continental coin to trade for extra services and supplies. is a reseller for, visit the site to see their full range of custom Minifigures.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that this product was created using custom designed artwork inspired by popular characters and is in no way affiliated or associated with copyrighted and trademarked products or brands.