Custom Minifigure Pack The Spooky Family
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Custom Minifigure Pack The Spooky Family

They're creepy and they're kooky, 'The Spooky Family', and they're ready to send chills down your spine with their crazy antics. 'The Spooky Family' minifigure pack includes:

- 'Gomez Addams and Thing' - Armed with a fencing foil and a moustache sleek enough to make anyone jealous.

- 'Morticia Addams' - With red rose accessory and scissors to decapitate them with. 

- 'Pugsley Addams' - Complete with bottle accessory, becuase what's a little poison between family?

- 'Wednesday Addams' - Comes with soft material skirt and a knife almost as sharp as her tongue.

Our custom minifigures are created using a mixture of genuine LEGO and custom brand parts. All parts are available individually at

Disclaimer: Please be aware that this product was created using custom designed artwork inspired by popular characters and is in no way affiliated or associated with copyrighted and trademarked products or brands.