LEGO Penguin Mask
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LEGO - Penguin Mask

Whether you love or hate the assortment of different animal costumes we see within the LEGO Collectable Minifigure series, there is no doubt that there is a high demand for them. Now, you can buy the best bit – with this LEGO Penguin Mask allowing you to get your hands on one of LEGO’s specially-sculpted animal pieces!

This mask is perfect for a plethora of different scenarios. If it’s Halloween in your LEGO City, your LEGO Minifigures can don this mask to head out and score some delicious LEGO candy! Equally, if your LEGO World is a lot grittier, than perhaps this mask will come in handy for henchmen of The Penguin himself, as they plan their next villainous deeds which will shake the very core of Gotham city!

No matter what use you come up with, you are bound to enjoy this great piece. Will dual-moulding and great printed details, it is clear why characters like this are so popular in the LEGO World!