LEGO Shark Headcover with Tail
LEGO Shark Headcover with TailBLACK

LEGO - Shark Headcover with Tail - Black with Red Eyes and White Teeth - Orca

When it comes to Super Villains, they come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it be the lavishly costumed Loki from the Marvel universe, or the smart and sharp Lex Luthor from the world of DC, it’s safe to say that there is a fair few villains out there! But, does anything really scream terrifying more than an evil shark? We don’t think so!

The first wave of LEGO Batman Minifigures introduced the terrifying Orca – who included a fantastic re-colour of the Collectable Minifigure Shark piece. With sharp teeth, great printed detailing and an ominous red eye, this is the perfect piece of headgear for any LEGO shark project. Whether you want an army of henchmen for Orca, or a display for a LEGO City museum, there are bound to be some creative uses for this great piece.

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