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16 October 2017

NEW- Custom Design Star Wars Posters

Your planet needs you! Whether you are on the side of the menacing Imperials or the daring Rebels, everyone could use some motivation. Luckily, our custom design Star Wars motivational posters can give your Minifigures the morale boost they need. And when the day is done, celebrate the twilight with some Twi-Lek dancers, or get in the spirit of Boonta Eve. You’ll find these and more of our awesome custom design tiles here!


Star Wars posters

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posted by FireStar Toys
13 October 2017

NEW - Lego Heads

Allow your Minifigures to truly express themselves with our fantastic range of new LEGO heads. We have a head for every mood and occasion! Just created a master plan to take over LEGO City? How about an evil grin head? Just seen your beautiful LEGO spaceship crash into and asteroid? How about a shocked head? Or maybe you’re starting a robot revolution? We’ve got the shiniest droid parts in the entire galaxy. Click here for more lovely LEGO heads!


LEGO Heads

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posted by FireStar Toys
11 October 2017

NEW - BrickTW Chinese Style Parts

Suit up and become the Samurai Warrior you’ve always dreamed about with these amazing BrickTW parts! We’ve got everything from Bamboo armour, to Nanman soldiers masks, spears and bows. We even have traditional Chinese robes and hair pieces for your Civilians, to complete your Oriental armada. Still not enough? Well we’ve got capes, weapons and shields to make your Minifigure warriors even more epic! So assemble your spectacular Samurais today, and view our full range of BrickTw parts here!


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posted by FireStar Toys
19 September 2017

NEW - LEGO Minifigures

Howdy folks! We have a fresh new batch of LEGO Minifigures available online now, so get 'em while they're hot! With some great new additions such as The Green Latern (John Stewart), Minecrafts brave adventurer Alex, and more Minifig favourites, including Legend of Chima and LEGO City. You can find these great additions and even more by clicking here. Happy building!


New Mini 1

new mini 2

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posted by FireStar Toys
18 September 2017

NEW - Lego Ninjago Movie Minifigure Parts

The wait is over, Ninjago fans! The LEGO Ninjago Movie Collectible Minifigure Series showed us some of the most detailed and unique parts the LEGO Universe has ever seen, and we are now stocking all these wonderful parts, available to buy separately. Help yourself to the adorable pink teddy bear for your Minifig to snuggle up with, or an artistic dragon bowl to dish up your favourite ramen noodles! You can find all their cool accessories (and many more) here, or browse the website for the full range of parts!



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posted by FireStar Toys
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