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3 January 2018

NEW - LEGO Minifigures

Happy New Year, LEGO fans! What better way to kick off 2018 than with some awesome new LEGO Minifigures? We have some exciting new additions to the roster, including football legend, Cristiano Ronaldo! If footie isn't your game, we have plenty of other brand new LEGO Minifigs to please you, from LEGO Dimensions, Disney, Star Wars and Super Heroes. Get your hands on these amazing figures now, before they sell out! Click here to browse our latest LEGO Minifigure releases.

NEW Lego Minifigs

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posted by FireStar Toys
14 December 2017

NEW - Firestar Toys Merchandise

You asked, we delivered! Due to an enormous demand, we are very proud to introduce our very own range of merchandise! We will be adding lots more of our most popular custom designs to a range of products, which will include T-shirts, jumpers, hoodies and mugs.

We have just released our first product - the Classic Space Christmas Jumper T-Shirt! These are available in a variety of sizes to suit LEGO fans of all sizes. Feeling festive? You can get yours here!



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posted by FireStar Toys
27 October 2017

NEW - Arealight Helmets

Have you got a rogue Minifig that needs "taking care of"? Well it sounds like you need a Bounty Hunter! So why not hire one with style, using our brilliant new range of Arealight Hunter helmets. Even the legendary Boba Fett needs a costume change every once in a while! Plus we’ve also got Mando Carbines and Merc Pistols to match. Or prepare your Minfigure for battle with our brand new Mando and Storm Combat helmets, which of course wouldn’t be complete without a jet pack, or a Trooper rifle. And if you want to really pack some punch, how about blasting your way to victory with a handy little Havoc Cannon? To complete the look, why not try some of our shiny vambraces, the perfect tool for storing a little trick or two up your sleeve! For all of our new Arealight products, see here; and don’t forget to send us a postcard, whilst you’re travelling through space!



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posted by FireStar Toys
26 October 2017

NEW - Custom Design Lego Heads

Raise your visors and take a peek at our gloriously galactic range of custom Rebel pilot heads. We’ve got pilots of all types, so you can soar through the depths of space, and be the fighter pilot you’ve always imagined; because the alliance needs you! We’ve even included some of your favourites such as Biggs Darklighter and Antoc Merrick. If flying through the stars makes you queasy, then maybe you’d prefer our new female Minifigure heads! From devious, to cheerful, to confident and perplexed; we’ve got the parts to keep you ahead of the game. For our full range of custom Minifigure heads, click here!


Rebel Pilot Heads

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posted by FireStar Toys
25 October 2017

NEW - Custom Design Imperial Arms

ATTENTION ALL IMPERIAL TROOPERS – It’s time to truly pledge your allegiance to the Empire, and wear the badge with pride! Pick up your custom design Imperial worker arms today from the Death Star gift shop! Or maybe you’re part of the Rebel Alliance? How about some Rebel Pilot arms instead! Now you can join your Minfigure brothers (and sisters) in arms, and together you can defeat the Empire; once and for all! You can find our full range of custom Parts here: and don’t forget to check out our custom heads section for our brand new collection of Rebel pilot heads!


Imperial Arms

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posted by FireStar Toys
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