Friends LEGO Minifigures

In the world of Heartlake City, everyone is welcome, and everyone will fit in thanks to the wonderful Friends who make the place such a joy to live in! Now, you can choose your favourite people from the LEGO Friend’s line thanks to our assortment of Friends LEGO Minifigures – allowing you to add the next character to your ever-expanding line-up of amazing friends!

Why not join Andrea and visit the City Park Café? Or, why not get Stephanie to pick up Alicia in her cool convertible and together they can go for a cruise around the city? Even better – why not take Mia and Charlotte down to the Butterfly Beauty Shop, where they can choose their favourite beauty accessories,

With our great line-up of characters from the LEGO Friends line, you can ensure that fun and adventure rules in Heartlake City. Look and add your favourite characters to your collection today!

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