Minifigure Parts

Find thousands of Lego Minifigure parts in our online range

There's nothing worse than finding your favourite Lego Minifigure missing a limb, torso or hairpiece. But rather than relegate your beloved Minifigures to the reject bin, restore them to their former glory with our fantastic range of Lego Minifig parts. Whether you're in search of an original torso piece for your most treasured figures or need a perfectly matched hairpiece, you're bound to find what you're after with our epic pick of thousands of essential pieces.

Create unique miniatures with custom Lego parts Once you've got your existing line-up of Lego Minifigures looking like new, why not turn your attention to creating some customised characters to populate your builds and add some unique personality to your themed sets. With a wide selection of torsos, legs, hairpieces, heads and limbs to pick from, you can mix and match from thousands of potential options to create wholly unique characters exclusive to your collection.

Find Lego Minifigure parts for every possible theme Searching for a new look for your favourite superhero figures? On the hunt for a spectacular new part for your Star Wars Minifigs? You'll find something that ticks every box with our first-rate range of Lego spare parts and replacement pieces. We stock parts for all manner of Lego Minifig themes, whether you're looking to restore your beloved DC and Marvel heroes to their original condition, searching for pieces for your Simpsons Minifig line-up, or need a sizeable stock of spares for your Lego City gang.

Order Lego parts and spares the easy way It's never been easier to find Minifigure parts for your Lego collection thanks Firestar's first class pick of premier pieces. No matter whether it's a few essential replacement pieces for your most loved Lego characters or a bundle of backup pieces for your Lego Minifigure line-up, we've got you covered. Browse the entire range online today and start shopping.