StarPoints - Loyalty Program

StarPoints are our way of rewarding customers that put the Star (that’s you) in FireStar (that’s us)! We’ll reward you every time you spend with us, it’s our way of saying thanks and what better way to say thanks than to give you free LEGO? We'll even give you your own Share Code to use across social media. Every time someone uses your Share Code to make a purchase, you'll receive the same amount of points as they do! All you need to do is set up an account and you're good to go - click here to create your account.


What are StarPoints?



How do they work?

We’ve tried to make StarPoints as simple and yet as exciting as possible. For every £1 you spend with us, directly through the website, we’ll give you 1 StarPoint. It’s all calculated for you automatically and your StarPoints are added to to your account as soon as your order is dispatched. You can even keep track of how many StarPoints you have and how you’ve earnt your StarPoints by logging into your account and viewing the “My Account” section. 







What is a Share Code?



What is a Share Code?

Your Share Code is automatically generated when you create an account and is as unique as you are. You can view your Share Code by logging in to your account and viewing the StarPoints section. You can share this code with anyone; your family, your friends, or even with your social media followers! If they complete a purchase directly on the website and use your Share Code at checkout, they will receive an awesome 10% off their purchase, and you will receive 1 StarPoint for every £1 they spent!







How to spend your StarPoints




How do I spend my shiny new StarPoints?

Add the items you want to your basket, as you would normally, then if you’ve got enough StarPoints you can simply select a discount which will be applied there and then, so you can still see exactly what you’ll pay before you’ve entered any payment details.

You’ll need to earn at least 100 StarPoints to be entitled to a £5.00 discount (minimum available) and for every 100 StarPoints above that, is yet another £5.00 discount. So, if you have 200 StarPoints, you’ll be able to get £10.00 off your next purchase!





I forgot to login




I forgot to log in to my account when I placed my order!

Don’t worry, we’re human too and make similar mistakes; we won’t punish you for it, simply email FireStar Support with your order number and we’ll sort it all out for you and ensure that your account is credited with the StarPoints you’ve rightfully earnt (see, we’re quite nice people), leaving you with more free time to play with the amazing things you’ve just bought from us.