Indiana Jones LEGO Minifigures

Join the globe-trotting adventures of Indiana Jones and the rest of his friends as they travel to new and exotic locations in the hunt of rare treasures. Venture into old, medieval structures on the hunt for the Holy Grail, or battle evil soldiers as you attempt to uncover the Ark of the Covenant and thwart their evil plans! With our Indiana Jones LEGO Minifigures, the adventure really is yours!

Not only do we have the titular character for you to add to your collection, but we also have an assortment of different friends who can join Indy on his adventures. We even have some of the villainous characters from the more recent movie, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, with the evil Colonel Dovchenko and Irina Spalko joining the minifigure line-up.

Choose your heroes and set off on an adventure all your own, with this great assortment of Indiana Jones LEGO Minifigures!

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