LEGO Ideas Minifigures

The LEGO Ideas minifigures are based on concepts designed by members of the incredibly creative and awesome LEGO communityLEGO Ideas introduced an exciting new concept into the world of LEGO fans – providing us all with the opportunity for OUR sets and ideas to become real products which other LEGO fans could get their hands on! When you put the imagination into the hands of fans, amazing things are sure to happen – as is evidenced with the assortment of LEGO Ideas Minifigures we have.

Thanks to LEGO Ideas, we have got some fantastic different characters – like the Ghostbusters, whom we would have never expected to see in LEGO form! In addition to those, characters like Marty McFly from Back to the Future, and The Doctor from Doctor Who, also joined the line thanks to the amazing ingenuity of the Lego ideas license.

These sets are popular, and they sell out quickly. It can be hard to pick them up – especially with some of the higher price points. So, we wanted to give you an opportunity to pick up LEGO Ideas Minifigures individually. Snag one of these limited minifigures today, before the ideas fade for good!

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