Lord of the Rings LEGO Minifigures

Return to the world of Middle Earth and relive some of the most iconic moments from one of cinema’s biggest franchises with our selection of LEGO Lord Of The Rings minifigures.

You can choose from iconic characters who have defined the franchise, allowing you to immortalise your favourite wizards or hobbits in minifigure format. Why not join Frodo Baggins – the iconic Hobbit who held The Ring and lived to tell the tale? Or become enchanted by one of the two variants of Gandalf, the great and powerful wizard? We even hear that there is a ‘precious’ minifigure or two as part of the collection!

The Lord Of The Rings LEGO line still maintains it’s popularity with LEGO fans of all ages, and thanks to our LEGO Lord Of The Rings Minifigures, you now have a chance to fill those holes in your collection, or to start an entirely new one!

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