Nexo Knights LEGO Minifigures

The days of old-school stone castle walls, wooden bows and arrows, and heavy longswords are over when it comes to the world of LEGO Nexo Knights! Facing the evil Jestro and his monster army, the Nexo knights combine old-fashioned knight chivalry with the latest and greatest Sci-Fi technology to tackle the enemy and come out triumphant. Now, with our LEGO Nexo Knights LEGO Minifigures, you too can become part of this timeless story.

Rally the knights together with characters like Aaron, Clay and Axl taking up the call to defend the kingdom against the evil onslaught. Or, alternatively, build your monstrous armada with characters like Crust Smasher, Gargoyle and Harpy. You can choose to side with King and Queen Halbert, or to side with Jestro himself.

Our Nexo Nights LEGO Minifigures are all parted from official sets bringing you your favourite characters, without the hefty price tag of having to buy a full LEGO set! Pick up your favourite minifigures today.

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