Custom Mini Sets

Give your LEGO Minifigures the perfect playground with custom mini sets

Anyone looking to give their LEGO Minifigures some fresh surroundings will find plenty to love in our online range of custom mini sets. If you're tired of your existing LEGO sets and fancy a change or simply want something wholly unique to play with, our pick of custom sets will provide you with everything you need and more. In our online selection, you'll find several categories of custom mini environments, with everything from licensed ranges to general themes accounted for. An absolute must for those LEGO collectors and enthusiasts who prefer putting their personal spin on their bespoke builds, our custom mini sets are really something special and will set your collection off a treat. Browse the entire range today to find the perfect set for your Minifig. Shop for custom sets for licensed LEGO ranges and themes It's never been easier to find the ideal custom set for your favourite Minifigures. Enjoy out of this world adventures with our selection of custom Star Wars mini sets, with a wide assortment of colourful designs inspired by classic moments from the movies. With so many Star Wars Minifigures now available, you'll definitely want to expand your horizons with our range of must-have custom sets for this ever-expanding theme. What's more, you can extend your existing sets with our custom ones to give your Minifigure adventure a whole new dimension. You've also got the option of custom Super Heroes mini sets, offering you the ideal miniature venue for adventures inspired by your favourite comic book characters and big screen superheroes. Whether it's the stage for a final showdown or the lair of a dastardly villain, our range of custom Super Heroes mini sets is bound to have something that offers what you're looking for. Explore an epic pick of custom sets online today In addition to custom sets for licensed Minifigure themes, we've plenty more to consider when it comes to custom sets. Planning on putting together a build for a miniature singing star? Our custom musical mini sets are a must. Need to populate your LEGO City environments with vehicles or give your Minifigs a way to get around? Our custom transport mini sets have a wealth of ideas to get you inspired. From automobiles to warships, you'll always find the ideal transport set to team with your themed figures. Take some time to explore all the possibilities in our custom mini sets selection and order online today.