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If you're a keen collector of LEGO Minifigures with a penchant for military themes, you'll want a healthy stockpile of weapon accessories in your arsenal. Whether you're looking for new LEGO guns to replace a missing accessory, seeking a LEGO shotgun to arm your favourite miniature, or on the hunt for Minifigure lightsabers that your Star Wars figs can wield, you've come to the right place. We stock a wide array of weapons and military essentials for your favourite Minifigs, with original accessories to replace old ones or build up a reserve of replacements, along with unique designs from some of the best custom creators on the market. Whether you're after a new sword, shield of spear from official LEGO sets or seeking something a little different like BrickRaiders guns, we're your go-to online supplier. Prepare your favourite Minifigures for battle with our brilliant range Love staging historic battles with your Minifigure collection? You'll want the right extras on hand to ensure your figures are well prepared for a clash to remember. Browse our online range of weapons today to find Minifigure shields, swords and more. Looking for something a little more modern? You'll also find plenty of contemporary military weapons and accessories on offer. No matter whether your Minifigs are pitted against a legion of Roman soldiers, savage beasts or cosmic entities, you'll always find the ideal accessory to arm them with thanks to our superior selection of weaponry. Stock up on some essential weaponry when you shop our online range today for Arealight guns or BrickRaiders weaponry. Custom components from the best creators in the business If you're an avid collector of LEGO Minifigures and want to ensure your collection stands out from the crowd, you definitely want to consider custom parts to breathe new life into your line-up. We stock a wide variety of LEGO pieces from some of the most reputable custom creators in the business. Find high-quality items from tried and trusted manufacturers when you buy Brickarms guns or Arealight weapons from our online selection. You'll also find plenty in store with a premier pick of Brick Command weapons, BrickRaiders weapons and Clone Army Customs guns. With so much choice on offer, you'll never have to worry about your LEGO creations looking lacklustre again. Shop for essential LEGO Minifigure accessories today We've made it easier than ever to expand your Minifigure collection by bringing together a truly terrific range of accessories. In addition to our extensive selection of weapons, you can make a military Minifig look its absolute best with coordinating headgear and bodywear from our other online ranges. There's a diverse array of options available to you, from original pieces for classic LEGO Minifig releases to custom creations from established manufacturers who specialise in producing wholly unique accessories that are completely compatible with your LEGO favourites. Take some time to explore all of our ranges today. You've plenty to consider and it's incredibly easy to order online.