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June 2010

4 June 2010

It's the Blog, Jim, But Not as We Know It

Welcome, welcome to the World of Tomorrow!
As we bring the good starship FireStar round to land on this alien planet and shake off the shimmering dust of our intergalactic journey, we are forced to ponder the deeper questions of life. Like, why are we here? What's it all about? Should I be worried by that grinning purple blob-monster hunkering down in the corner? Oh look, it's biting Jim's leg. He won't like that, haha, no he won't.

We have anticipated that you may have a few questions.
For example:
Why should I care?
Well! And first let me excuse you your scampish attitude, you space bound rake. The reason is, well, this one is going to be better. The new blog* is directly attached to the main site, which means we have more control over it.

But, really, why should I care?
I see. Do you care about improving the selection of products available to you, and the service you get?
Do you care about lots of new ways to interact, which have the potential to net you prizes and vouchers just for joining in?
Do you care about regular discount codes designed to reward loyal readers and followers?
You do?
That’s great!
Because there’s going to be a lot of your so-called modern innovations right here, laddo. Yes there is. And, being a blog reader, naturally we want to send all the juciest perks flying your way first. Mmm. Perks.

Pretty cool, huh? Prizes, updates, competitions, and of course, general blog-type typing. But you don’t have to read that if you don’t want to. I will know how long you spend on the page, down to the very second, I’m just saying, but, you know, it’s your choice. Hell, you can pick your nose idly for five minutes as long as you do it while staring blankly at this screen.

Go, on. Dig in!
And stay tuned for the FireStar Blog of the Future! Yeeah!

* If you want to check out the old blog, and, frankly, I recommend that you do**, it's where it's always been at:


** Which recommendation may or may not be because I wrote most of it.

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