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August 2013

7 August 2013

The emotional phases of being Shortlisted as a Top small business

You may have already read some of our previous Tweets/ blog posts about being shortlisted as one of the top small UK businesses for the Nectar Business Small Business Award. We’re being pitted against five other great companies from around the UK. Unfortunately, this means we’ve got some tough competition to beat in order for us to win.

The waiting will be over shortly, within a few weeks we will know whether we’ve won or not. Right now however, we’re a mess of emotion (good and bad)! As a sort of window into our minds during this time of excitement, we thought we’d try to illustrate what we’re going through.

The 4 phases of the Nectar Small Business Awards, as seen by us!:

Phase 1: The entering phase, this was that blissful moment of discovery where we wondered across the Nectar Small Business awards and thought we’d give it a go; mostly because we were attracted by the lure of winning a glistening trophy and the thought of all the biscuits we could buy with the Nectar points.

Phase 1 of the Nectar Business Awards

Phase 2: The waiting game. A few weeks had passed since our first email and the excitement of entering the awards had still yet to settle. Eagerly, we were checking emails, rechecking emails and then out of desperation; checking emails from a different computer just in case the first computer wasn’t working. We were like kids in a car on our way to LEGOLAND, the wait was killing us!

Phase 2 of the Nectar Business Awards

Phase 3: The Thought of Winning. Finally, our battle with the refresh button had been won! We received the coveted email; we’d been shortlisted! Immediately; desks were tidied, shelves were cleared and claims to where the trophy would live were made. At this point we were so excited that ‘we’, a small micro business from Hertfordshire had been shortlisted as one of the top small businesses in the UK. All thought of not winning had all but disappeared from our minds, replaced with the thought of a glistening trophy and a mountain of biscuits!

Phase 3 of the Nectar Business Awards

Phase 4: Poker Face. The winner of the Top small UK Business is to be announced within the next few weeks. Whilst we’ve achieved amazing things over the last year, we’re being judged by an external judging panel of business experts (and possibly a wizard as well) so we’ve had to prepare ourselves for every eventuality. Clearly our poker face needs work!

Phase 4 of the Nectar Business Awards

Finally, whilst the voting for our category isn’t up for public vote, if you’d like to share your views on how awesome we are, with @nectarbusiness then please do, as who better to hear it from than the very people that make us awesome, you!



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