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August 2015

13 August 2015

BrickWarriors Digger Accessories

Here’s the latest offerings from BrickWarriors as they continue to bring us more of their LEGO compatible goodies.

This time round it’s all about the Digger. Kit out your minifigure with armour, pickaxe, helmet and shield, all available in both black and steel!


BrickWarriors Digger Armour

BrickWarriors Digger Armour

- Featuring a protective face guard that extends from armour and a useful stud on reverse.


BrickWarriors Digger Pickaxe

BrickWarriors Digger Pickaxe

- A lethal weapon and the perfect way to leave no brick unturned, this pickaxe will help destroy any brick or minifigure in its path.


BrickWarriors Digger Helmet

BrickWarriors Digger Helmet

- Ultra protective headgear complete with a somewhat scary smile to intimidate opposing minifigures.


BrickWarriors Digger Shield

BrickWarriors Digger Shield

- The shield offers added protection from any rogue flying lava while digging and it’s the first line of defence in your minifigure's battle.

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