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September 2012

18 September 2012

Brand new LEGO Minifigure weapons and armour from BrickWarriors!

We have a new wave of battle-ready BrickWarrior parts to help your LEGO minifigures gain the advantage during combat.

It’s a fantastic range of weaponry which includes even more guns, shields, swords, body armour, helmets and various other parts to help your minifigures wreak havoc against the enemy! We’re really excited to see the new custom parts with some awesome detailing...they’re truly worthy of any minifigure warrior! Check out some highlights:

BrickWarriors - Demon Armour - Charcoal

BrickWarriors - Demon Armour - Charcoal

Demon Armour is clearly designed to withstand some heavy action. This level of protection should help resist even the most hardened of attacks.

BrickWarriors - Vambraces - Charcoal

BrickWarriors - Vambraces - Charcoal

These BrickWarrior Vambraces are the perfect forearm protector ready to be teamed with some heavy body armour.

BrickWarriors - Demon Helmet - Charcoal

BrickWarriors - Demon Helmet - Charcoal

Designed to feature alongside the armour, the Demon Helmet could save a minifigures life with its menacing, protective spikes.

BrickWarriors - Bear Trap - Charcoal

BrickWarriors - Bear Trap - Charcoal

A minifigure could be stuck out in the wild for weeks during battle, sometime months, and the Bear Trap could prove a life saver.

BrickWarriors - Apoc Basher - Charcoal

BrickWarriors - Apoc Basher - Charcoal

Constructed from random elements like a chain, some old nails, a pipe and a bone, the Apoc Basher is a fairly crude weapon that simply gets the job done!


These are just a few of our fave highlights from the new releases from BrickWarriors, so head on over and check the full range out to pick your own weapons of choice!

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posted by FireStar Toys
5 September 2012

Citizen Brick custom LEGO Minifigures now available!

Brand new to FirestarToys are these fantastic custom minifigures from Citizen Brick. These hugely creative, original and amazingly accurate artworks are printed onto LEGO parts and cover a range of alternative characters, from a stitched up autopsy enthusiast to a group of bikers, metalists and army soldiers. Let’s see who’s included...

Custom Citizen Brick Mini Figure - Autopsy Enthusiast

First up we have the Autopsy Enthusiast whose post-mortem persona will leave you in stitches...or just him. A great extra for your minifigure crime scene!


Custom Citizen Brick Mini Figure - Botany Enthusiast 

Botany Enthusiast

As a Botany Enthusiast, this minifigure clearly knows his way around certain plants maybe a bit too well. At least well enough to require a good feed and a lay down afterwards!


Custom Citizen Brick Mini Figure - Heavy Metal Enthusiast

Heavy Metal Enthusiast

Dressed in black and primed with a moustache, chain and a pentagon, the Heavy Metal Enthusiast is ready for some serious head banging!


Custom Citizen Brick Mini Figure - Leather Enthusiast

Leather Enthusiast

A fan of everything leather and sporting a matching outfit, the Leather Enthusiast dons his hat, waistcoat and trousers and heads for a night on the town.


Custom Citizen Brick Mini Figure - Motorcycle Enthusiast

Motorcycle Enthusiast

The Motorcycle Enthusiast saddles up and hits the open road. He enjoys the thrill of the ride with or without company.


Custom Citizen Brick Mini Figure - Norwegian Black Metal Enthusiast

Norwegian Black Metal Enthusiast

A true metalhead with a penchant for all that is dark, no one enjoys distorting the sounds of guitars more than the Norwegian Black Metal Enthusiast.


Custom Citizen Brick Mini Figure - Shame Enthusiast

Shame Enthusiast

Zipped and masked but otherwise somewhat scantily clad, the Shame Enthusiast is a rather obedient mini figure ready to take orders.


Custom Citizen Brick Mini Figure - Special Operations Commando

Special Operations Commando

As an elite soldier the Special Operations Commando is part of a highly trained military unit, heavily armed and ready to take down the enemy.


Custom Citizen Brick Mini Figure - Vietnam US Army Grunt

Vietnam US Army Grunt

“VIETNAM US ARMY GRUNT REPORTING FOR DUTY...SIR!!!”. This US soldier heads for the front line and is ready to fight for the cause.


Custom Citizen Brick Mini Figure - Baby

Wrapped in blue or pink, this tiny Baby mini figure is the epitome of cute...until it starts crying!! 

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posted by FireStar Toys
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