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November 2018

14 November 2018

NEW - Custom LEGO Gaming Parts and Accessories

Do you remember the good old days of staying up all night playing Video Games in your Mums basement? Well now your LEGO Minifigures can have their very own Virtual Adventures with our new range of Custom LEGO Parts and Accessories. We’ve got a classic Console controller for all you retro Gamers out there, or a keyboard for the PC gamers among your minifigs. We have various headset heads so your LEGO Minifigs can shout instructions (or insults) to their friends and foes. We have a whole range of gaming themed Torsos to complete the look, including Player One and Player Two Designs so your LEGO Minifigures can argue about who gets to be in control! If you’re planning an all nighter then your LEGO Minifigs are going to need some fuel! So grab a few cans of Blue Bulls Energy Brick to keep them going strong. You’re also going to need some snacks, so pick up a bag or two of Triangos; but just try not to get Cheesy fingers all over the controller!

NEW - Custom LEGO Gaming Parts and Accessories

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