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9 June 2011

Brand new items from BrickForge!

Our selection of LEGO compatible BrickForge weapons and accessories has been steadily growing since we first introduced them to FireStar Toys, as you lot can’t seem to get enough of them!

We have individual sections in the Minifigure Parts and Accessories catagories, dedicated to Brickforge weapons, guns, headgear, and utilities.

We have some seriously cool and unique BrickForge Guns and Weapons in loads of different colours. For example, these Brass Knuckles will add some serious street cred to any LEGO Minifigure:


And how about this rather creepy Cleaver?


BrickForge have a style for every occasion, including realistic looking historical weapons like the Musket, Military rifle and Bayonet:

Musket - Brown:

Military Rifle - Steel:

Bayonet - Truesilver:

Or maybe you’re heading off to into the distant future, and your LEGO Minifigure needs something a bit more high-tec to fight off those 3 headed chicken monsters, like the Particle Gun, or Phaser:

Particle Gun - Black:

Phaser - Silver:


And for those magical and mystic occasions, we have a range of elf and wizard friendly weapons, such as the Sorcerer Staff, Dragon sword and Elven Blade:

Sorcerer Staff - Gray:

Dragon Sword - Gold:

Elven Blade - Silver:

It’s often the little details that really make an outfit and we think that these accessories really add something special to your LEGO Minifigure creations, which is why they have become some of the most sought after items in the BrickForge range:

Vambraces - Black:

Bandolier - Black:

Ammo Pouch - Army Green:

BrickForge haven’t just spent their time sorting out weapons for your lucky Minifigures, they’ve also gone and created a cool accessory range too!

Your female Minifigures can really stand out in the crowd with these, quite frankly, amazing ponytail hairstyles!

BrickForge’s range of electric and acoustic guitars now includes loads of fantastic new colours, including these two that we particularly like:

Red Electric Guitar:

Blue Electric Guitar:

We hadn’t seen anything quite like this Chrome Gold Savage Mask before, so thought it definitely deserved a mention!

We love these realistic looking military style helmets and shields:

Military SWAT Helmet:

Police Shield:

Brand new from BrickForge is the American Hero range, featured here are the Knight’s Shield and Battle Shield:

Knight's Shield - Stars and Stripes:

Battle Shield - Stars and Stripes:

This blog post has only covered a fraction of the massive amount of BrickForge stuff available, so why not have a look here at the full range of items and get your LEGO Minifigures kitted out!

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