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11 October 2010

Tiny Tactical minifigure weapons now available in store!

We’re pleased to unveil our new red-hot line of minifigure guns and accessories from an immense new company called Tiny Tactical! Anyone with an eye for detail – these are for you!

There’s a whole host of simply fantastic guns that cannot fail to add a massive dose of realism to your collection. To call Tiny Tactical perfectionists is probably an understatement and the whole range is of an impressively high-quality. Check out some of the pictures below.

Tiny Tactical Weapons

Tiny Tactical Weapons


Importantly, all of the guns are constructed so that there’s a collection of points that will fit the hands of your minifigures.

We are also selling some really exciting individual gun-parts that will definitely expand and enhance your building opportunities. Demand for the different gun sights, grenade launchers(!) and magazine components has gone ballistic since we’ve added them to our website. You can be sure they will make you’re weapons really distinct and lend them some extra fire power in no time at all. The ordinary guns just won’t make the grade anymore with all of these brilliant accessories available.

Some of our favourites here at FireStar Toys are the Army Vests which have been receiving (quite rightly) bags of attention. There’s a whole load of possibilities you can realise with these and once again, the level of depth in the detail on them is pretty spectacular.

The new Tiny Tactical range contains, without a shadow of a doubt, some of the most supreme custom accessories we have ever laid eyes or hands on and all of the pieces are designed to an especially high standard.

Be sure you keep your eyes peeled for further additions to the Tiny Tactical range in the not too distant future!

New Gift vouchers

Make sure you’re ready to snap up our new gift vouchers which we will shortly be proud to release. They will make an excellent gift for any LEGO enthusiast.

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