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16 October 2014

Series 12 Minifigures Have Arrived!

It's that time again when the familiar level of anticipation rises, as the new collectable minifigures arrive in their shiny mystery bags. LEGO are back with 16 more bits of minifigure awesomeness in the form of Series 12, and this time round they've kept us excited with a great variety of figures to collect. Let's take a look who's included:


LEGO Space Miner

Space Miner

Mining is totally different in space, it's like another world! And the LEGO Space Miner is all geared up ready for a bit of space blasting. Digging in the toughest conditions known to minifigures, he relentlessly braves the inter-planetary elements in his pursuit to extract all the valuable minerals he can.


LEGO Battle Goddess

Battle Goddess

Armed with a spear and Pegasus shield, the mighty LEGO Battle Goddess is always there to defend the ancient cities. Hearing the cries for help she emerged from her origins as a golden statue. Now, always on hand to serve justice and protect the weak with honour and integrity, she marches into combat, defending the people on the battlefield.


LEGO Wizard


With spells, potions and various forms of magic, the LEGO Wizard conjures up a worldly and wise image. He dons his pointy, star and moon patterned hat and wraps himself in a purple cloak, and with a single wave of his scepter, he strokes his long grey beard and utters the necessary rhyme to defeat mighty dragons, or tie his shoelaces...together. Ooops!


LEGO Dino Tracker

Dino Tracker

Every animal can be tracked if you know how to look. And there aren't any better at hunting down dinosaurs than the LEGO Dino Tracker. She's had many tussles and scrapes with these gigantic beasts, but one vial of her green tranquilliser administered to the right area of each dinosaur and she's conquered yet another of these prehistoric creatures.


LEGO Swashbuckler


Born a hero, a master in the art of the rapier sword and heroic to his very core, the LEGO Swashbuckler is prepared to fight tooth and nail for every damsel in distress. He stands high up on the ship, twizzling his moustache, before swinging down the mast and into action...err...the water. I think that needs some practice!


LEGO Jester


Always entertaining, whether he means to be or not, the LEGO Jester performs dutifully for the crowd before him. The medieval folk travel from afar to see the card tricks and the jokes...this wisecracking performer is fit for royalty. Dressed in his orange-and-purple motley costume, he takes making the world laugh very seriously.


LEGO Piggy Guy

Piggy Guy

The LEGO Piggy Guy admirers the life of a hog so much that he decided that, at least for some of the time, he's going to adopt a lifestyle more akin to his curly-tailed friends. Most people don't think pigs lead a particularly interesting life, but this farmer believes that's a load of hogwash! Dressed as a pig he gets to free himself of his normal duties, and instead spends mosts of his time foraging for apples and other tasty treats!


LEGO Hun Warrior

Hun Warrior

With an expression that suggests he takes no prisoners, the LEGO Hun Warrior is always armed and ready for battle. Pillaging and destroying, quashing anyone and anything that stands in his way. He conquers all before him leaving only destruction in his wake. But that's just his day job. He's actually a really nice minifigure, honest!


LEGO Fairytale Princess

Fairy Princess

With one eye out for her charming Prince, the LEGO Fairytale Princess lives in an enchanting world of myth, fantasy, trolls and the occasional frog to kiss. Not really wanting a kiss from a human, it's a good job the frogs can see her coming in her bright purple dress and a big pointy hat!


LEGO Pizza Delivery Man

Pizza Delivery Man

Somebody somewhere is in desperate need of some semi-nutritious, circular food. And who else would you expect to bring you this supremely delicious fast food meal than the LEGO Pizza Delivery Man. Meat feast? cheese supreme? Veggie delight? It doesn't matter...dressed in his trade mark red cap and green polo shirt, he'll make sure Papa Brickolini’s Pizzas get to everyone who needs them, on time...every time!


LEGO Video Game Guy

Video Game Guy

A master at everything to do with video games, the LEGO Video Gamer could probably even eat with a controller! He lives and breathes games and is willing to takes on all comers. No records are safe (even the retro ones!) as he competes in all the latest titles on all consoles.


LEGO Spooky Girl

Spooky Girl

Often accompanied by her not so friendly grey spider, the LEGO Spooky Girl will only dress in black or grey and absolutely never in any form of colour. She is a big fan of ghostly and spine-chilling horror movies and her black teddy bear always enjoys watching as he looks out eerily through its' x-stitched and buttoned eyes.


LEGO Prospector


There's gold 'ere in this old town!” Equipped with his mighty pick axe and a wonky smile, the LEGO Prospector heads out on the open road, searching high and low for gold, oil and anything that can make him rich beyond his wildest dreams!!


LEGO Genie Girl

Genie Girl

The LEGO Genie Girl takes her wishes seriously and prides herself on her 100% wish feedback. Once you rub the lamp, she'll take you through the pros and cons of wish making and how the process works. With a few shakes of the head, winks and nudges, she makes sure you really know what sort of wish you're getting into.


LEGO Rock Star

Rock Star

Glammed up with silver lightning bolts through his hair the LEGO Rock Star strikes a chord...then a pose...then another chord, and the minifigures go crazy!! He lives for music and loves gigging, playing live and meeting fans. He's so rock and roll he's never taken his glasses off and doesn't even know what colour his eyes are.


LEGO Lifeguard


Patrolling the LEGO beaches is a tough job the Lifeguard must be prepared for. Be it a shark attack, a capsized boat or a falling sand castle, he has to stay alert and ready to leap into action as he senses danger. Looking through his red binoculars he keep an eye on the strong surf making sure the swimmers and surfers remain safe at all times.

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