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18 February 2011

BrickForge has Arrived!

If you haven’t yet noticed, we’ve teamed up with BrickForge and have been busy jamming our website full of their LEGO creations ever since Christmas.

We’re not exaggerating when we say that BrickForge have given us a treasure trove of LEGO perfection, and excitingly, they’ve still got more to send our way.

BrickForge Guitar
The pros at BrickForge have covered absolutely everything you could possibly need for your minifigure universe, and we mean EVERYTHING. So form an orderly queue and check out what’s on offer.

There are tonnes of really exceptional guns and weapons in the collection that have definitely raised the bar and our crystal ball predicts they’ll become a staple of our Most Popular List for some time to come. If it’s something deadly realistic you’re after or if it’s something from the year 3000, look no further.

BrickForge Guns


BrickForge’s fast-growing reputation is also thanks to some seriously edgy hairstyles that definitely live up to the hype. Deck your minifigures out in these and there’ll be no looking back. And if that’s not enough, they even do LEGO facial hair.

BrickForge Hair

For any music fans among you, be sure to check out the new guitars which look fantastic as well as the drumsticks if you want to make some noise. And for those of a more classical persuasion, the violins are simply brilliant!

BrickForege Drum Sticks

So if you’re looking for something with serious firepower, a new hairstyle or some fantastically quirky accessories, you’re guarenteed to find just what you’re looking for.

And yes, you can now get BrickForge lamp posts.

BrickForge Lampost

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