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24 July 2015

New Custom Printed Torsos

Tons of new custom printed parts are available thanks to our design gurus at Firestar HQ and this time they’ve brought us lots of new minifigure torsos to add to the collection.

First up, it turns out our design team have been quietly going about there business adding to their undead army. And this time they’ve brought both the arctic and nurse zombie torsos back from the dead.

Arctic Zombie Torso

Arctic Zombie Torso - The infection is spreading all over the planet! Get our custom printed arctic zombie torso and send your minifigures into the desolate frozen wasteland!

Zombie Nurse Torso

Zombie Nurse Torso - Nowhere is safe these days from zombie attacks…they’ve even infiltrated the NHS with this Zombie Nurse Torso.


Other torsos include:

Wrestler Torso

Wrestler Torso - You can’t bodyslam if you don’t have a body! Check out our custom designed Wrestler torso and make sure your minifigure is primed to enter the ring!


...And we’re making sure we’ve got all minifigure dress codes covered too:

Custom design all white hoodie

All white hoodie

Custom design jacket and t-shirt

Jacket and t-shirt

Custom design sweater and jacket

Sweater and jacket

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