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16 August 2017

NEW - BrickForge Accessory Packs

At ease, soldiers, the new military themed BrickForge Accessory Packs have landed! With a wide variety of different piecesf rom medic kits to gun holsters, you can ensure that your army of Minifigures have everything they need to claim victory against any nemesis. Grab them quick, before the enemy sieze them! You can find their co-ordinates and plenty of other BrickForge parts, across our website. 

bf packs

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posted by FireStar Toys
15 August 2017

NEW - BrickForge Scooters

Zoom around LEGO City in style, with these stunning new Scooters from BrickForge! With beautiful detailing in a range of colours, you're sure to find the mode of transport to suit you. So don't forget to bring your helmet! Be sure to browse through our website to find plenty more BrickForge parts. 

Brickforge Bikes

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posted by FireStar Toys
7 July 2017

Firestar Toys Live Chat is here!

We are very happy to announce that our new live chat feature is up and running! You can now send a message directly to the team here at Firestar, and one of our knowlegable Bricks will be there to help. And fear not if its out of hours, you can leave us a message through the live chat, and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Simply click the icon pictured below to start messaging. We look forward to chatting with you awesome people!


Live chat

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posted by FireStar Toys
3 November 2016

New BrickForge LEGO Minifigure Parts

We have some great new parts from BrickForge, featuring custom printed field and Garrison caps, blood splattered pilum, battle armour and much more. BrickForge continues to be our a dominant force in LEGO minifigure custom brands and the whole team here at FirStar are big fans of their products, we can't wait for the next new batch!

New BrickForge minifigure parts

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posted by FireStar Toys
8 August 2016

New BrickForge minifigure armour, shields and weapons

New BrickForge minifigure armour, shields and weapons! These awesome new parts from BrickForge will bring an extra special details to your military LEGO creations. Some of the minifgure weapons feature a blood splatter effect for that added realism and really bring your LEGO MOC battle scenes to life. This only adds to our huge range of BrickForge minifigure parts, which now cover over 500 different parts with thousands in stock!

BrickForge LEGO minifigure armour and shields.

BrickForge LEGO minifigure weapons

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posted by FireStar Toys
12 July 2016

New BrickForge Parts

New Lego Minifigure custom parts from BrickForge. We're starting to see a lot more double moulded parts from BrickForge, giving us a great range of two colour LEGO minifigure accessories and weapons. The minifigure Dragon sword below looks particularly awesome with a gold hilt and silver blade.

New BrickForge Parts

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posted by FireStar Toys
12 November 2012

Minifigure Headgear, Weapons and Accessories from BrickForge

The artillery department at BrickForge have been working extra hard and are back with a great new range of weaponry, accessories and headgear to help protect your minifigures in battle. We’re particularly excited about the new headgear, BrickForge have created some seriously detailed and accurate officer’s hats, perfect for your commanding officer minifigures!

Check out just some of our favourites:

BrickForge - Robot Blaster - Black

BrickForge Robot Blaster

Any battle-ready robot needs firepower that’s built to a spec suitable for a robot. This BrickForge Robot Blaster is capable of immense damage while being relatively light in weight.

BrickForge - Advanced Recon Striker - Black

BrickForge Advanced Recon Striker

Suitable for advanced recon troops, the Advanced Recon Striker is a quick fire weapon useful in multiple combat scenarios, but particularly helpful against enemies that come heavily armoured.

BrickForge - Officer Hat - US Army

BrickForge - Officer Hat - US Army

Officer Hat - US Navy – White

BrickForge - Officer Hat - US Navy

BrickForge - Officer Hat – Allgemeine

BrickForge - Officer Hat - Allgemeine

BrickForge - Ionizer - Black

BrickForge - Ionizer - Black

Any minifigure in battle with robots will need all the firepower they can get their hands on. This BrickForge Ionizer gives more than a little cause for concern for the formally indestructible robots among us, interfering with their electrical systems and destroying circuitry from the inside.

BrickForge - Scout Pistol - Black

BrickForge - Scout Pistol - Black

The Scout Pistol is ideal for close-combat and with its easily hidden appearance, pressure sensitive trigger and high rate of fire, it makes for the perfect companion heading into battle.

BrickForge - Tactical Assault Rifle - Green Camo

BrickForge - Tactical Assault Rifle - Green Camo

Seen here with green camouflage this Tactical Assault Rifle is suitable for stealth and covert operations into jungle territory and features in tan and white for other global conditions. With automatic fire and light-weight appearance this Rifle is the ideal match with your Special Ops minifigure teams.

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posted by FireStar Toys
28 June 2012

New LEGO Minifigure Brickforge Guns and Accessories!

It’s BrickForge time again!

There was much excited pushing and shoving in FireStar HQ when we saw the BrickForge products arriving and we definitely weren’t disappointed when we opened up the package. After an intensive photo session in our mini LEGO photography studio, we are excited to offer you a huge selection of new LEGO Minifigure compatible Headgear, Accessories and Weapons from BrickForge. Here’s just a snippet of the goodies we have for you to get your hands on...

BrickForge - Gears of War - Lancer Assault Rifle - Black

BrickForge - Gears of War - Lancer Assault Rifle - Black

We certainly wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of this gun in a Minifigure battle. With mega firing power and a lethal chainsaw bayonet, any minifigure holding this gun will definitely strike fear into his enemies!

BrickForge - Intergalactic 8-Gauge - Carbon

BrickForge - Intergalactic 8-Gauge - Carbon

Never find yourself in a sticky space battle situation again with an Intergalactic 8-Gauge. With immense firing power and the ability to shoot holes through enemy spacecraft, this is an essential gun for any space travelling minifigure.

BrickForge - Flamespitter - Black

BrickForge - Flamespitter - Black

This gun does exactly what it says on the tin; pull the trigger to unleash a terrifying stream of fire on your enemies and watch them run for the door!

BrickForge - Automag - Black

BrickForge - Automag - Black

With incredible accuracy for close range battles, an optics module to give you 4x zoom for long range enemies and a nifty flashlight for when it’s a bit gloomy, the Automag is an essential bit of weaponry for every minifigure.

BrickForge - Beret With Badge – Red

BrickForge - Beret with Badge - Red

Show your fellow minifigures who’s boss with a snazzy red Beret, complete with gold badge.

BrickForge - Apoc Mask

BrickForge Apoc Mask

Strike fear into everyone you meet with an Apoc Mask! Perfect for protecting yourself against radiation and other nasties if everything goes a bit pear shaped and you’ll be safe and sound as well as looking pretty cool.

BrickForge - Ballistic Mask

BrickForge - Ballistic Mask - Black

Any minifigure heading into a warzone needs to protect himself and that’s where the Ballistic Mask comes in. Perfect for protecting the face from explosions and shrapnel, this is a great addition to BrickForge tactical helmets.

BrickForge - Handcuffs – Carbon

BrickForge - Handcuffs - Carbon

Secure your prisoners with a pair of BrickForge Handcuffs and rest assured that they definitely aren’t going anywhere!

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posted by FireStar Toys
24 February 2012

Minifigures for the musically minded!

Our growing collection of musical instruments seems to have been attracting quite few pop stars to our Custom Design Minifigures section!

First we spotted Elton John rocking out on a piano..

Then Ed Sheeran turned up strumming melodies on his acoustic guitar!

Who said the King was dead? Elvis is in full form here with his fantastic star cape, sleek black guitar and microphone.

We even saw epic hair rockers KISS a while back with their own customised drum kit and guitars.

We have everything your minifigure music fans could possibly want at Firestar in our Minifigure Instruments section. Form the ultimate band with our incredibly popular Deluxe Drum Kit and a pair of BrickForge Drumsticks, Microphone and Stand, a Music Amplifier and Speakers! Of course, no rock band is complete without a guitar, so choose your favourite from our enormous selection of over 70 different types!


Deluxe Drum Kit

BrickForge Drumsticks


Microphone and Stand

Large Music Amplifier


BrickForge Black and White Electric Guitar


BrickForge - Electric Guitar - Purple Swirls


Your musical rockers will probably want to look the part too, so why not give them the ultimate punk hairstyle – the Mohawk!


We have some by brickForge..

Brickforge Mohawk - Red

And also some pretty cool LEGO hairstyles to give your minifigures a bit of an edge...


LEGO Mohawk - Pink

LEGO Spiked Red Hair

For your female pop stars this pink streaked LEGO hair and awesome BrickForge ponytail is sure to stand out on stage...


LEGO Hair - Black Ponytail with Pink Streak


BrickForge Ponytail - Tan

For fans of something a bit more classical, we have a great range of Brickforge Violins, LEGO Violin Case, Flute, Horn, Trumpet and even some Maracas!


Brickforge Violin - Brown and Black

LEGO Violin Case

LEGO Flute


LEGO Trumpet

LEGO Maracas


Check out our full range of Minifigure Instruments here, and our range of Custom Design Minifigures here!

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posted by FireStar Toys
9 June 2011

Brand new items from BrickForge!

Our selection of LEGO compatible BrickForge weapons and accessories has been steadily growing since we first introduced them to FireStar Toys, as you lot can’t seem to get enough of them!

We have individual sections in the Minifigure Parts and Accessories catagories, dedicated to Brickforge weapons, guns, headgear, and utilities.

We have some seriously cool and unique BrickForge Guns and Weapons in loads of different colours. For example, these Brass Knuckles will add some serious street cred to any LEGO Minifigure:


And how about this rather creepy Cleaver?


BrickForge have a style for every occasion, including realistic looking historical weapons like the Musket, Military rifle and Bayonet:

Musket - Brown:

Military Rifle - Steel:

Bayonet - Truesilver:

Or maybe you’re heading off to into the distant future, and your LEGO Minifigure needs something a bit more high-tec to fight off those 3 headed chicken monsters, like the Particle Gun, or Phaser:

Particle Gun - Black:

Phaser - Silver:


And for those magical and mystic occasions, we have a range of elf and wizard friendly weapons, such as the Sorcerer Staff, Dragon sword and Elven Blade:

Sorcerer Staff - Gray:

Dragon Sword - Gold:

Elven Blade - Silver:

It’s often the little details that really make an outfit and we think that these accessories really add something special to your LEGO Minifigure creations, which is why they have become some of the most sought after items in the BrickForge range:

Vambraces - Black:

Bandolier - Black:

Ammo Pouch - Army Green:

BrickForge haven’t just spent their time sorting out weapons for your lucky Minifigures, they’ve also gone and created a cool accessory range too!

Your female Minifigures can really stand out in the crowd with these, quite frankly, amazing ponytail hairstyles!

BrickForge’s range of electric and acoustic guitars now includes loads of fantastic new colours, including these two that we particularly like:

Red Electric Guitar:

Blue Electric Guitar:

We hadn’t seen anything quite like this Chrome Gold Savage Mask before, so thought it definitely deserved a mention!

We love these realistic looking military style helmets and shields:

Military SWAT Helmet:

Police Shield:

Brand new from BrickForge is the American Hero range, featured here are the Knight’s Shield and Battle Shield:

Knight's Shield - Stars and Stripes:

Battle Shield - Stars and Stripes:

This blog post has only covered a fraction of the massive amount of BrickForge stuff available, so why not have a look here at the full range of items and get your LEGO Minifigures kitted out!

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posted by FireStar Toys
18 February 2011

BrickForge has Arrived!

If you haven’t yet noticed, we’ve teamed up with BrickForge and have been busy jamming our website full of their LEGO creations ever since Christmas.

We’re not exaggerating when we say that BrickForge have given us a treasure trove of LEGO perfection, and excitingly, they’ve still got more to send our way.

BrickForge Guitar
The pros at BrickForge have covered absolutely everything you could possibly need for your minifigure universe, and we mean EVERYTHING. So form an orderly queue and check out what’s on offer.

There are tonnes of really exceptional guns and weapons in the collection that have definitely raised the bar and our crystal ball predicts they’ll become a staple of our Most Popular List for some time to come. If it’s something deadly realistic you’re after or if it’s something from the year 3000, look no further.

BrickForge Guns


BrickForge’s fast-growing reputation is also thanks to some seriously edgy hairstyles that definitely live up to the hype. Deck your minifigures out in these and there’ll be no looking back. And if that’s not enough, they even do LEGO facial hair.

BrickForge Hair

For any music fans among you, be sure to check out the new guitars which look fantastic as well as the drumsticks if you want to make some noise. And for those of a more classical persuasion, the violins are simply brilliant!

BrickForege Drum Sticks

So if you’re looking for something with serious firepower, a new hairstyle or some fantastically quirky accessories, you’re guarenteed to find just what you’re looking for.

And yes, you can now get BrickForge lamp posts.

BrickForge Lampost

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posted by FireStar Toys
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