Minifigures Series 9

Bring new life to your builds with the Lego Minifigures Series 9 collection

Once youíve finished a new Lego build, donít let it down with second-rate figures that donít fit the theme. The Lego Minifigures Series 9 line introduces 16 new quirky characters for you to choose from, each with their own unique accessories to bring some essential variety to your collection. Thereís the Alien Avenger for intergalactic Lego adventures, the Heroic Knight and Roman Emperor for historic themes, plus much more besides. Youíll find instant classics like the Chicken Suit Guy Minifigure in this Lego Series 9 batch, alongside more everyday designs like the Plumber and Policeman Minifigures that make ideal additions to Lego City sets.

Take your pick from a range of classic characters

Donít waste money on lucky dips and run the risk of ending up with doubles in your collection. Instead, pick the Lego Series 9 Minifigure and keep your collection growing. In addition to ready-made figures, youíll find an extensive range of spare parts and replacement accessories for your existing Minifigures online with us. Ideal if youíre looking to restore your former favourites to their heyday, or combine different components to create custom Minifigures.

Collection includes: Waiter, Cyclops, Hollywood Starlet, Heroic Knight, Roman Emperor, Policeman, Chicken Suit Guy, Roller Derby Girl, Fortune Teller, Judge, Alien Avenger, Mermaid, Battle Mech, Mr. Good and Evil, Forest Maiden, Plumber

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