City Emergency Services LEGO Minifigures

There is an emergency in LEGO city – and we need the best and bravest minifigures to respond! Now, with our assortment of Emergency Services Minifigures, you can protect the minifigures who make your LEGO City.

Choose from different versions of LEGO City fire-fighters, with different versions allowing you to come up with minifigures for all situations. Whether you want City firefighters, or forest emergency services, we have minifigures for you. We also have an assortment of great Police officers – ranging from on-the-beat cops, and tactical response troopers who can help to protect and serve the residents of your LEGO City.

And, if someone in your city feels under the weather, you can drop them off at the LEGO City Hospital – where a variety of Doctors and Paramedics can tend to their needs. No matter what you’re looking for, you can pick up our City Emergency Services LEGO Minifigures and take care of your LEGO City today!

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