Elves LEGO Minifigures

Want to explore a magical and mystical land quite like now other? Where vibrant colours decorate the land, and where creatures of mythical proportions populate the realm? Well, with our great assortment of minifigures from the LEGO Elves license, you can dive into a world filled with both beauty and mystery.

Join the adventurous Emily Jones as she starts a magical adventure through the portal in her grandmother’s garden, which takes her to the legendary realm of Elvendale. As she explores the new world, she’ll make new friends like Leafshade and Aira Windwhistle, and will have the chance to discover all sorts of new and exciting things.

Join the adventure and discover the Elves yourselves with our great assortment of Elves LEGO Minifigures! But, you’re going to have to be quick because that portal is not going to stay open forever, and once these guys are gone, they’re gone for good!

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