Ghostbusters LEGO Minifigures

The world of LEGO Ideas may have brought us the Ghostbusters in their original format – but LEGO decided to invest back into this license, bringing us a ton more characters and minifigures under the Ghostbusters license, including the fantastic D2C Firehouse set which captured perfectly the iconography and love for this timeless franchise.

Now, you can pick up the best Ghostbusters LEGO Minifigures. Want some of the creepy ghouls and scary ghosts who the team need to take down? We’ve got them contained…for now! Want to add the quirky receptionist, Janine, to your team? We’ve got one! Want to fill the holes in your team and peak up some of the main members of the team? We have them too.

Whatever LEGO Ghostbusters minifigures you are looking for, we have them for you. Pick up this minifigures today, and get ready to go out and tackle all things paranormal in LEGO City. Just remember – don’t cross the streams!

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